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What would it be like to have the Avengers as Parents?
Me: Dad/Mom, my boyfriend broke my heart :(
Captain America: I punched Hilter in the face. This punk isn't any different. Where is he?
Ironman: Where does he live? I'll buy his house, evict his sorry ass, and then tear it down to build you a library
Hulk: Boyfriend broke daughter's heart?! HULK SMASH!!
Thor: This Midgardian does not know who he be dealing with. As the prince of Asgard he shall suffer greatly for his crimes! *thunder boom*
Black Widow: Kick him in the nuts, sweetie. You won't get in trouble at home.
Hawkeye: Caw, caw, mothafucker! *shoots him with an arrow*
Loki: *mind controls him and makes him do embarrassing things* Eheheheh LOKI'D!
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pretty + pale blog ☹
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pretty + pale blog ☹

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♚ Gothic Princess ♚
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♚ Gothic Princess 

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Remember when video games were a hobby and not a political soapbox? 

Fuck feminists.

remember when gamers kept complaining about how games weren’t taken seriously as an art form or a medium of their own, and then got whiny when people started taking them seriously and critiquing them as most other art and media is also critiqued?

fuck being complacent about mediocrity

nerdblaster just got nerdBLASTED

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Since the weather is getting nice and spring like I need to go and re-up on my dark make up. 

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this could be us but you playin’
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this could be us but you playin’

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